Welcome to Sceni-Tech 2019!




About the exhibition:

Sceni-Tech is a trade fair dedicated to the community of the experts and professionals from the theatre and event technology industry.

During the last couple of years, the exhibition got its momentum and besides the local attendees, attracted visitors from neighboring countries as well.

The exhibition complemented by the Színháztechnikai Fórum (Forum of Theatre Technology) which is a conference about the latest technological development in the industry. It also consists of presentations about renovations or description of unique lighting, audio, AV, engineering and scenery solutions of different plays.

The event is organized by the Hungarian Society for Theatre Technology (MSzTSz)

About the exhibitors:

The exhibitors of Sceni-Tech are mostly based in Hungary and either manufacturers or distributors on the field of lighting, audio, engineering, audiovisuals or scenery production.

If you interested in being an exhibitor leave us a message:

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